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Warrior Katie has gained some traction in the TFW Madison dojo since joining last December.  We remember how tough it was in the beginning.  She still had the whole “more is better” approach to fitness but we were confident she would come around.  She’s incredibly coachable and loves to ask questions.  Even better than that, she took a quick liking to the familia atmosphere.  The idea of a bunch of people on the same mission as her was attractive.


She was a bit skeptical at first (a good thing, people need to be cautious in the fitness industry these days).  Katie hints to it below in her most recent testimony.  She did start with us having already made progress with a different program.  However, she still wasn’t satisfied with her body.  She wanted more.  We thought every mom out there working and taking care of three youthlings deserves to have Katie’s story shared with them.  There’s a large possibility more moms out there can relate to Katie’s story.  We hope this finds as many as possible and helps them make the step that crosses that line.  The line between doing as much as possible for results and doing what is necessary for results.


Have you pushed yourself to the limits only to find yourself exhausted and lacking the results you desire?

Have you been stuck in a rut with your progress?

If you said, “Yes,” Katie’s story may help you figure out what’s next.  It may help push you toward realizing there IS a way to get past this plateau!

Watch for the keys to her success as you consume her story…


“When I walked into TFW Middleton on December 10th, 2017, I knew something wasn’t right with my fitness routine, but I didn’t know what. I was following all the “rules” as I knew them; working out 6/7 days a week, heavy on the treadmill, using dumbbell weights, taking very few breaks during my workouts and occasional recovery days. Sure,my food wasn’t perfect, but I was logging hours of exercise so I had to be doing something right. Except something felt wrong. I had near constant pain in my hips and upper back. I was feeling guilt all the time for not doing enough to change what I didn’t like about my body. I was totally burnt out. (All this on top of being a working mom with three young kids)

The next few weeks were more challenging to my mindset than anything. I began strength training with Jonathan and “the familia” three times a week and participated in an additional 1-2 HIIT sessions. While I challenged myself and really enjoyed the workouts, they did not place on my body, the same physical demands of hill sprints or countless burpees like I was accustomed to. Around the time I thought maybe it wouldn’t be a good fit for me, I started to notice some changes in my body and mind. Somehow I dropped a few pounds. My hip and back pain were gone. I actually felt happier and well rested! Looking at an old picture, I could see a difference in my body. Motivated, I began to shift my diet to entirely whole foods, heavy on the green vegetables and lean protein. I always carve out some room for chocolate, but was otherwise completely motivated and satisfied by this new approach.

Within weeks my inflammation was gone. My body composition shifted and three months later my fat has dropped 7% and I’ve gained 2lbs of muscle. Today, clothes fit better, food choices are easier and workouts are fun and something I look forward to every day. I even conquered the elusive body-weight chin up that I have wanted to do my entire life! Owners and coaches Jonathan and Jenny  take a total wellness approach and operate with transparency and authenticity every step of the way. TFW helped me learn how to nourish of my body and mind in a way that I formerly did not fully understand. I look forward to what the coming months will bring in terms of growth in both body and mind. I am so grateful to TWF and the familia for helping me get here.”


Did you see the keys to success?

Did you grab those golden nuggets?

It was the changes in her lifestyle she made…a paradigm shift

                   BEFORE                                           AFTER

  • 6/7 Days of grinding exercise   <     4 days a week of TFW
  • PAIN                                             <     NO PAIN
  • “Food wasn’t perfect”                <     Proper Intake of Whole Foods 

What are the keys to unlocking your success?  Let’s find them together!

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