Many people come to Training For Warriors when they feel stuck in an unrewarding routine but they still have goals they want to achieve. We introduce them to the TFW system that not only offers an ever-evolving strength and conditioning program but to a family that will encourage them at the stickiest of times.

Nick found TFW Madison when he was tired and bored but had a goal to complete a GoRuck Heavy. As a member of the U. S. Army, he also had a level of fitness in which he needed to stay.

Nick worked hard with the TFW coaches and started feeling better about fitness and himself. In early April he completed his 24 hour GoRuck Heavy and continues to get as much out of TFW as he can.

Nick’s story:

“In the early mornings, while staring at my protein powder and vitamins (that were new seven months ago,) I would struggle with the same pattern of thoughts, “I really don’t want to go to the gym, I really don’t want to ride the bike again, and I really don’t want to run on the treadmill again.” I had fallen into a pattern of doing the same thing over and over at the gym, killing myself while I was there, and not getting results, so I just stopped going.

The problem is that I am in the military and fitness matters, my entire career can end if I am not in shape and meet the standards for body composition. In October of 2017 I watched as I was 1% body fat under from halting my career and livelihood for my family, that pattern of hating the gym and not getting results almost ended all that I had going for me and I knew at that point something had to change. I knew I was missing something, I was spending way too much on memberships and supplements to be struggling this hard. The old pattern wasn’t working for me anymore and I needed something new.

I found Training for Warriors through Team Red, White, and Blue (RWB) a veteran physical activity group. It was on the opposite side of town from where I lived but it was free to RWB members twice a week and I was trying to go to new things. After my first workout I knew I needed this more than twice a week, there was so much more than just fitness going on in that building. Immediately I noticed that there was a connection between all the members of the group and that more than just cardio was going on, there was something different. I started going beyond the free offer and quickly learned what the difference was, it was family. The members at that gym were all in various places of fitness but they showed up ready to go and would keep me accountable to do the same. They cared about me and I started to care about them. We all started getting results together and victories for one became victories for all, it became easier to get up and go to the gym.
I have been working out with Training for Warriors for the past five months and I am seeing the difference. I have seen the typical results people want like fitting into the clothes that were starting to get tight, and having people ask if I have been working out. However, the real results I have now that were missing before is my new outlook on priorities, I eat cleaner than I ever did prior to this program, I get up early and WANT to go to the gym. I have more confidence in my ability to pass my fitness test than I ever had before. Training for Warriors has set me up for long term fitness. I am setting higher goals and am more confident in my abilities.”

As a member of Team RWB, an organization that enriches the lives of veterans and their families through physical activity and positive action in the community, Nick was able to join two TFW classes per week for **FREE**. He loved it so much he started a membership for the other two days per week he needed to work on his goals.

If you are interested in Team RWB please contact us, (Coach Jonathan is the Athletic Director for the Madison chapter) or visit their website www.teamrwb.org.

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