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Every day people make claim to wanting to change.  However, only a small portion of those making claim to change ever take the first step to making it happen.  That’s what today’s Warrior Spotlight is going to highlight for you.  You see, most of us want to change.  A lot of us try to find the path of least resistance.  It’s people like Monika who become ready to change…and then do something to change.

Monika is one tough Warrior.  She started with us this past November.  The team here at Training For Warriors – Madison have been inspired by her ability to work hard for the results she’s obtained.  She has displayed every characteristic of someone whom is both ready to change and willing to put time and effort in the correct places for a sustainable change.  This woman, one day, made a decision to change.  She made the same decision countless others make every day.  The only difference between her and people who won’t get results is she consistently decides everyday she’s going to change…then invests money, time, and effort toward her goal.

D+A=R (We’ll reveal the answer to this equation after you read Monika’s story)

I hope you enjoy Monika’s story as much as I did.  Don’t worry, we’re positive we’ll be updating everyone in the future on Monika’s progress.

“In November 2017 I was feeing just okay.  I knew I was overweight and what I SHOULD do about it but just couldn’t bring myself to start yet again.  I also knew if I didn’t change SOMETHING I would be looking at future health issues like diabetes.  After reading Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop, I decided I was no longer willing to continue to be unhealthy and overweight.  Around the same time, a friend told me about Training For Warriors and I met with Jonathan and Jenny and made another decision.

I walked in for the 5:30am class not knowing what to expect…everyone was amazing – welcoming, encouraging, helpful…and they still are.  They make getting up and training every morning an amazing start to my day.  If I can make it through the door, they help me with the rest and my day is better and brighter because of it.

TFW gives me the experience and enjoyment of training, and the education and support of how to make changes outside of the dojo.  Yes, I’ve lost weight and some bad habits since my first class…that’s expected…but what I’ve gained is so much more important than what those numbers represent.  I have gained an amazing support system who keep me coming in and pushing me to be better than I was yesterday.  Every one of my regrets in life are because of fear…fear of the unknown; success; failing…thinking “if I can’t do it, then why try”…and, if I wasn’t willing to change something – how can I tell my daughter that she shouldn’t be afraid to try something new, take chances, and to not be afraid to fail at something.  TFW is giving me the chance to show her by example that you need to set goals, work hard to get them, and see failing as an important learning tool, not something to be feared.

Thank you to Coach Jonathan & Coach Jenny for bringing TFW to Madison and everything you do for us.  Thank you to my fellow Warriors as well, you keep me coming back and coach me up when I’m down.  I have said this more than once, I’m better because of you.

I look forward to continuing this adventure with every one of you and can’t wait to see where we go when we go into the roar.”


Monika is definitely going INTO THE ROAR and we couldn’t be any more proud!  We also look forward to continuing to be a part of your journey!

People, understand the fact Monika still struggles.  It’s not easy for her, or anyone else for that matter.  The difference between most people and Monika is…


Decision + Action = RESULTS

Monika made a decision before starting at TFW.  We didn’t do that for her.  She also continues to make the decision every day.  She puts action into those decisions, for a decision without action will never yield results.  There’s your key.  The key to results…


If you feel like you’re ready to make a life changing difference in your life but need some help along the way, click on this link and join our 8 Week Warrior Transformation.  We’ll give you the unconditional support you need to get to your goals…Monika included.

8 Week Warrior Transformation Challenge

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