Warrior of the Month – January

Congratulations to our first Warrior of the Month for 2019!!!


Let’s see what Tonya has to say about TFW Madison:

I go to TFW for multiple reasons.

1) Coaching. The coaches take a very hands-on approach. They demonstrate each aspect of the day’s workout, multiple times if needed, then, focus on each person’s form and capability to make adjustments as needed. They totally get that everyone is at different levels and accommodate that during the sessions. In addition, the coaches are extremely encouraging and fun to work with.
2) The program. The program focuses on helping me to improve myself physically and mentally. With one you have the other. When you see those improvements in yourself, you can’t help but feel, and think, more positively.
3) Familia. Everyone that participates in the program is very motivational, encouraging and family oriented. I’ve never experienced this with other programs and this is one of the biggest reasons why I continue to go.
4) Health. The TFW program isn’t just about working out. The program also encompasses proper eating habits. Let’s face it, not everyone eats healthy all the time, it’s just the reality of life, but this program helps you to understand how different foods impact your health in different way. Once you have that knowledge, it helps you to make the improvements needed to better your health.

Going to TFW has helped me to focus on self-improvement goals, such as, building muscle, reducing body fat, eating healthier and who knows, maybe coaching is in my future! You have to put in the time, and effort, if you want a better you! Guess what…..I want a better me!
We are so proud of you, Tonya!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Keep up the great work!!

Are you ready to bring out your inner Warrior?

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