Jenny and I have been working really hard to teach our daughter to say,
“Please can I have _________?”
Instead of,
“I want _________.”
(Bear with me.)
She, our daughter Emmai, is turning five in five days.  Now the number five is a BIG deal in our family in so many different ways.  For Emmai, at the time of this blog being posted, she is probably en route to the airport with her Grandma and Grandpa.  She is going to Disneyworld to celebrate this magical milestone.  She is also the inspiration behind this blog.
You see, we don’t want her saying “I want ______” to everything she sees to her grandparents while in Disneyworld. However, since it’s almost her birthday I thought I would put myself in the shoes of a five year old.  I’m going to list and state five things I want.  You may be surprised at what you’ll read as I don’t have the kind of “wants” a five year old. So…this may be fun.
1. I want people to start seeing past all the garbage information and gimmicks on the market.  To see the right dosage of the right training with the right combination of foods.  To believe doing all of that consistently with persistence will get you the body you want.  To do things purposefully and serious about learning proper movement versus simply going through the movements.
“It doesn’t matter if you know what to do if you can’t do what you know.”
-Martin Rooney
2. I want people to see the truth about calories, counting macros, tracking devices, and other technological “tools” marketed to help you move toward your goals.  To see that there are more reasons not to use them than there are to use them.  To believe change can be achieved without all the external feedback systems.  To return to simplicity in regard to creating homeostasis within our complex, yet pure, biological system.
“Quitting old thing that hold you back will achieve success faster than starting new things that you will probably never finish.” – Martin Rooney
3. I want people to believe in rest.  The body needs rest.  Especially if your goals are focused on burning fat, building muscle, or both.  To understand methods of rest beyond sleep.  To believe rest also comes in forms of movement like walking or mobility work.  Rest is so important for the body’s ability to adapt to the training and becoming better, stronger, and leaner.
“Anyone can make someone tired. Not everyone can make someone better.”
– Martin Rooney
4. I want people to start believing the important role of carbohydrates on our health.  To believe carbohydrates truly play into our ability to burn fat.  To believe carbohydrates fuels our muscles to move with strength and power.  To believe carbs are good and not evil.  To believe carbs are an essential part of life.
“Your life will not be measured by all the things you started, but by the few of those you finished.” – Martin Rooney
5. I want people to start investing in their health.  To believe that it’s affordable to eat healthy whole foods.  To believe the cost of a gym isn’t just another monthly bill.  To believe in the savings a person accrues over time by spending a little more each month on the right gym.  To believe the investment comes with a return (results).  To believe a $10 membership at a gym does not hold the same value as a specialized gym that would run $170.
“One sure bet for collecting success is by not gambling with your time and health.”
⁃Martin Rooney

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