Don’t Let The START Be What STOPS You

Recently I was introduced to a new exercise called the tricep barbell extension. Coach Nolan got down and busted out five just showing us how to do it, explaining as he went along. He always makes it look so easy! He is near perfect in his execution of every set and he never cheats himself. When it was my turn to do it I struggled with confidence and ultimately, technique. I wanted to do it like he showed me but my body just didn’t move as easily. After I asked him for another example, I completed my sets and felt better, but I knew I was still not quite there.

Nolan told me later that each of my sets got better and better.

The last set CAN be the best set.

The goal is to make progress.

We talked about how he tracks his progress in order to challenge himself to do more each time he is in the dojo. Training For Warriors has an amazing database to store daily data like how much you lifted and how long ago you did each exercise. It is a good way to get the most out of the workout, although I am pretty sure he knows all his personal records without entering them into the database. But I still struggle with learning some of the movements. My mind tends to lean toward the artistic rather than the scientific and my body simply has never experienced this kind of muscle development before. I thought I needed him to challenge me, and I do, but I also need to challenge myself. He reminded me that we all start somewhere and the more we do it the better we get. It doesn’t get easier but we CAN get better.


I am not here to be lazy. If I am going to mess with my time and sleep to do this, I am going to give it everything I have.

I want results, or as Nolan says, “She wants that booty.”

You’re damn right I do.

But most of all I want to be alive and agile and healthy for as long as possible.

So I will do what it takes because the feeling of accomplishment washes over all struggle and the results are what stick with me.

The hard can turn into success or it can turn into failure.

The LAST SET can be your BEST SET or it can just be your last.

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