5 Reasons WHY Everyone Needs A Coach


There’s a ton of information in the world on almost every subject we can wonder about. In the fitness industry, in my experience, there is a massive overload of information. Nearly everyone is confused, frustrated, and losing hope. In today’s fast paced, never stop, on-the-go, way of life – something needs to change. At Training For Warriors (TFW) we help break all the fluff of the fitness and health industry. We’ll not only empower you with the mastery of movement but we will help you gain the knowledge to eat better. Our coaching style is like an old ship. In that you’ll do the rowing and the steering but our world-class coaches are the navigators.

The biggest issue with all the information in the world regarding how to care for your body is that we already know what healthy is. We already know it’s good to eat our veggies. It’s good to eat proper portions. It’s good to get at least three squares a day, sometimes more, and sometimes less. The key to our coaching at TFW is our ability to motivate people to DO what we ALREADY KNOW we NEED to DO. With support in and out of the gym, we’ll keep you motivated to eat well and in line with your goals. Eat your broccoli.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY. People are more prone to quit or not do what their suppose to when their alone. All humans are better together. A good coach keeps you responsible and reminds you of what you need to do. This sometimes takes a tough heart to heart conversation but we won’t hesitate to speak up to keep you moving forward. The days of grueling self-motivated treadmill sessions are over. Once you enlist our services to get you results – Don’t be surprised when you get a knock on the door if you disappear from the gym for a week.

4. SUPPORT. People go through ups and downs in life. A good coach stands by you through the hard times to help you experience the good times. Results is never a linear progression. The downs are where we need support most, and at TFW Madison, support is everlasting. Beside, at TFW, we tend to get more excited about someone else’s success than the success of our own.

5. SUCCESS. People want to experience successes. A lot of people don’t feel this on the daily. This desire is especially true when it comes to our own body, its health, and level of fitness. A good coach will believe in you and get you from where you are to where you want to be. We will point out every success we can regardless of how significant it may seem at the time. We believe a little bit on top of a little bit will eventually become a lot.

You see, the coaching is what separates Training For Warriors Madison from other programs. Find out for yourself by booking a free coaching strategy session CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.

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