Wellness & Health Coach for Life

Jonathan Nolan started training when is was just 13 years of age.  He grew up using the BFS system as an athlete and has been in love with working on the body and mind since.

He began his work in health and wellness in 2010 and has learned the benefits of working in a more intimate environment with a well-formed and always-growing philosophy. He struggled in the beginning as anyone would starting a career in the fitness industry.  After a couple years, the stress was pushing him away from the fitness industry as he needed a better way to support his growing family.

Jonathan became a TFW coach in 2013.  It was to him a “last chance” sort of situation.  He was skeptical about TFW when just hearing about it.  After completing the TFW Level 1 certification he became reinvigorated within the fitness industry.  At this moment in his life, he went from being Personal Trainer Jonathan Nolan to Coach Jonathan Nolan.  You can ask him what the differences are…there is a difference between the two.

Jonathan became more successful thanks to TFW.  He is still saving lives every day.  He has attended multiple TFW seminars since and continues to grow as a coach, a husband, and a father.  In his spare time he loves to keep learning but he also loves to get outside and play.