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Training For Warriors – Madison is the first TFW in Wisconsin.  After serving in Minnesota for a number of years, it was time to Spread The Resistance.  What’s La Résistance you ask?  This TFW philosophy is that our society is designed to make, and then keep, us sick and unhealthy.  WE are the resistance.  We are here to fight against chronic disease, obesity, and cancer.  The best part is…you BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, and FEEL GOOD in the process.  It’s our mission to challenge the status quo and help as many people regain control of their body, mind, and spirit.  You can read more about us and TFW in the about section, or simply clicking on the “Learn More” button below.

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Strength Training


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Don’t Let The START Be What STOPS You December 21, 2017

Don’t Let The START Be What STOPS You

Jonathan Nolan 0 Coaching

Recently I was introduced to a new exercise called the tricep barbell extension. Coach Nolan got down and busted out five just […]

Warrior Spotlight November 8, 2017

Warrior Spotlight

Jonathan Nolan 0 Uncategorized

“Don’t go ‘halfway’ with anything you do. Your ‘whole heart’ always beats your ‘half ass.’” – Martin Rooney   This week’s transformation […]

Transformation Tuesday – Halloween Edition October 31, 2017

Transformation Tuesday – Halloween Edition

Trick or Treat! ‘Give me something good to eat!’ We’re having a hard time figuring out how to send you candy through […]

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